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Stayin’ Alive

Haven’t posted in awhile.  Sorry.  We’re still here.  I’ll try to post something of more substance soon.  Connor is developing in leaps and bounds.  Last Wednesday, I came home from school and set him down on the bedroom floor, like I always do, where I can keep an eye on him while I change.  Then I go into our master bath and take my contacts out while calling to him.  I make sure he’s crawling over to me before getting a head start in the bathroom.  That day, I called to him and saw he was crawling toward me.  I stepped into the bathroom and realized that he was taking longer than normal to arrive.  Just as I was about to poke my head around the corner to see what trouble he was into, I heard him coming.  I continued to remove my contacts when out of the corner of my eye I saw Connor proudly running, not crawling, around the corner.  “Holy crap!” I shouted as I scrambled over to him, afraid he would topple over and smack his head off of the tile at any moment.  At the drop of a hat, Connor now walks on his own and at his own discretion.  He is no longer limited to puddle jumping between nearby objects.  His vocabulary is increasing every day as well.  He now likes to flip through the digital photo albums Jen has made of him.  Connor sits on our lap and names all of the people he knows.  Tonight, Jen brought him into the kitchen to say goodnight.  I leaned forward to kiss him goodnight, but he intercepted me, planting a kiss on my cheek instead.  As Jen turned to leave with him, I waved.  “Goodnight buddy.”  Connor looked back at me as Jen carried him out of the kitchen.  “Buh buh, Da Da,” he said as he waved back.  I melted.

Currently, Connor has a runny nose and a cough.  He’s been rather fussy and didn’t want to eat dinner tonight.  Jen says, “Teeth are imminent.”  This Doubting Thomas will believe it when he sees it.

More to follow.  We’re just stayin’ alive one day at a time here at the Rodgers’ Ranch.

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