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1 Year Old

"...Happy Birthday dear Con-nor..."

Said my friend Karl upon the celebration of his daughter’s first birthday, it marks “the most definitive year of my life.”  I agree entirely.  All week long, I was reminded of moments that marked the days leading up to Connor’s arrival last year.   I remembered our last weekend together before Connor–a high school basketball game, dinner at TGIFridays, and a movie with a nice fire in our fire place.  I remembered that we had a major ice storm mid-week, that I called in my emergency sub day on a day when I was supposed to have a guest speaker for an anti-drugs program in my class, (She was back again on Friday and remarked that I was here this year.), and of course that I watched last year’s Super Bowl on a 12″ TV in Jen’s postpartum room.  All day today, I was again surrounded by a flood of memories that marked one of the happiest days of my life–Connor’s birth. 


First birthdays are as much, if not more, a celebration for the parents as they are for the child.  It’s a celebration of that definitive first year.  A celebration of “Holy cow! Did we really just make it here?  Did we really just keep a child healthy, happy, and alive for an entire year?”  Yes, we did!  And I was so ready to celebrate that fact today.  Connor is alive.  Connor is healthy.  And anyone who has spent just a little bit of time with Connor notes that he is certainly a vibrant, happy baby.  Connor certainly won’t remember his first birthday, but this event more so filled the purpose of: “We love our son, and he is the most important person in our life.  He is such a blessing to us.  Come celebrate with us!”

Jen made Connor a doggie cake as the centerpiece to the doggie-themed party.

Jen and I worked hard preparing for today’s birthday party with friends and family, and it was well worth it.  We both had a great time.  Connor had a blast.  People started arriving toward the end of Connor’s afternoon nap.  When he woke up, about half our guests had arrived.  He played with his friends Cadence and Sabra.  Showed off his eating ability to Great Aunt Joan and Great Uncle Don.  He opened every one of his presents all by himself and immediately wanted to play with all of them.  He loved every second of everyone singing “Happy Birthday” in unison, and after some coaxing, decided he loved birthday cake (though he only ate about four bites before signing “all done”).  He definitely crashed hard at bedtime tonight.  I think Jen and I probably will too.

For the second straight year, the Super Bowl played second fiddle in our lives this weekend.  Today, my son turned one year old.  I could not be happier, and I could love nothing more on this earth than I love him.  Happy Birthday, Connor!  We love you so much!

We all have made it one year!!!

  1. Jen lauck
    February 5, 2012 at 9:28 pm

    Happy Birthday! Love Aunt Jen and Uncle Brian. Can’t wait to Celebrate in two weeks!

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